Who Am I?

Jason Ambrose

I’m Just Jason.

Welcome to my hiring page! As you know, my name is Jason Ambrose, but I am so much more than that…

I am a 35-year-old, husband, father of two, and most recently, a college graduate! How did I get here? Don’t worry, I’ll keep it brief:

Before my oldest was born in early 2018, I decided to take charge of my future. Previously, I had bounced in and out of school for temporary jobs every few years. When I entered my 30’s, I made a promise to myself that I would go back to school one more time and finally finish my degree. This wasn’t easy, of course. I went back to community college to finish my Associate’s Degree in I.T. Then, I transferred to George Mason University, just outside of Washington, D.C. to pursue my Bachelor’s Degree. Earlier this year (May, 2021), I graduated with honors with a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology with a concentration in Information/Cyber Security.

Since graduation, I’ve continued my education by completing the CompTIA Security+ certification. Currently, I am studying for the CompTIA A+ and Linux+ certifications while I seek employment.

Current Career Ambitions:

I’m currently seeking entry level employment in the Information Technology field. In a perfect world, I would find a career in the Cyber Security field like a security analyst or a pen tester, but I’m well aware it takes years of experience to do those jobs.

More importantly, I’m looking for someone to take a chance on me; a leap of faith. What I lack in experience, I more than make up for with my dedication, eagerness to learn, and unbridled enthusiasm about the I.T. field. I know I’m a hard worker and always give my 100% best effort. As I’ve grown older, I’ve developed a thirst for knowledge. I love the fact that I got to experience college in my 30’s rather than late teens/early 20’s. I learned so much more about the field than I would have otherwise.

Feel free to browse the rest of the website to view more information about, well, me!