Field Engineer

Turner Construction Company | 2008-2012

While my official title was “Field Engineer,” I spent most of my time in the office. About 10% of the time I did visit job sites to meet with Project Managers (PMs) and Subcontractors.

Job Duties:

  • Created 3D computer models of buildings from 2D architect’s drawings
  • Compiled my 3D architectural models with subcontractor (HVAC, fire protection, electric, etc.) models to render complete 3D models
  • Ran clash detection reports to view and document any clashes between the models (e.g. if a sprinkler pipe was running through duct work)
  • Presented findings to PMs and necessary subcontractors to resolve issue before scheduled installation

Lessons Learned:

  • During meetings, I learned how to become a better active listener. A lot of information was gathered and shared during meetings and it was essential I followed along.
  • On the other side of the coin, I learned how to become an effective speaker. I learned to speak up when there was a problem that others weren’t discussing and to present my ideas for solutions.
  • Lastly, I learned to take satisfaction in the small things. Completing a full 3D model of a building is a lot of work, but it’s a lot of fun, too. Running clash reports and finding and presenting errors in the documents saved both time and money, and that was fun too.

Bar/Kitchen Manager

Red Robin Gourmet Burgers and Brews | 2013-2016

After being laid off when the construction industry took a turn for the worse, I wanted to go back to school. I joined Red Robin as a server/bartender to make some extra money while not in classes. They saw my leadership potential and quickly offered me a managerial position. I dropped out of school and began my next career path: Restaurant Manager.

Job Duties:

  • Write and manage weekly schedules for 50+ employees
  • Take weekly inventory of food and beverages
  • Prepare and send orders to local distributors
  • Pay and document invoices
  • Lead daily shifts in both kitchen and on the floor

Lessons Learned:

  • Time management was key. Restaurant management is extremely fast paced for 12+ hours per day. Not only did I learn to manage my own time, but I was also responsible for managing the hours of my employees, ensuring no one went into overtime at the end of the week.
  • Attention to detail in every task I was assigned. Not only was I paying invoices, but also handling cash every day. Ensuring that every cent was accounted for was a task I didn’t take lightly.
  • Leading by example. This was one of the reasons I was promoted to Manager so quickly; I was also put on the fast track to become General Manager. I always made sure I did the right thing, even when others weren’t looking or it didn’t benefit me.


Matchbox Food Group | 2016-2019

I left Red Robin to finally finish my college degree. That meant finding another part time serving gig to help with the bills. Now that my wife and I were expecting, we would need every cent.

This was like any other ordinary serving job. I developed relationships with my coworkers and guests, alike. It helped me handle multitasking even better, as Matchbox drilled teamwork into us. So, not only was I responsible for my own tables/guests, but also my teammates’.